Laboratory of insect trophic strategies


  • Insect is one of the most species-rich group of organisms and represents at about 60 % of all living species on the Earth;
  • Insect has a key role in the ecosystems in all trophic levels (predation, herbivory, decomposition);
  • Insect is spread almost in all ecosystems and many species can be very sensitive to environmental changes, therefore insect is crucial for nature and environmental conservation;
  • Insect belongs to economically significant group of organisms and has huge importance in agriculture, wood industry and pharmaceutics (pests, vectors of pathogens, medicaments);
  • Insect is an inspiration for development of new technologies (robotics, aerodynamics, new materials).  


Our laboratory is focused mainly on insect biodiversity, variability of insect trophic links and insect food preferences. Recently we are trying to find answers to following topics:

ico-list Study of herbivorous insect and its predators: 

    • diversity and host specialization of herbivorous insect;
    • key factors affecting the predation on insect;
    • diversity and host specialization of insect parasitoids;
  • specificity of trophic strategies of bryophagous insect.


ico-houba Study of mycophagous insect:

  • Species diversity and distribution of mycophagous flies (Diptera) and beetles (Coleoptera);
  • molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of infraorder Bibionomorpha (Diptera);
  • host specialization and bionomy of mycophagous beetles and flies.

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