Head of LITS

ico-list doc. Mgr. Pavel Drozd, Ph.D.

  • specialization: Insect biodiversity, evolution of asexual organisms, biostatistics
  • e-mail: pavel.drozd@osu.cz
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Research scientists

ico-list doc. RNDr. Aleš Dolný, Ph.D.

  • e-mail: ales.dolny@osu.cz

ico-list doc. RNDr. Petr Kočárek, Ph.D.

  • specialization: Phylogeny, taxonomy and biology of earwigs (Dermaptera), foraging biology and acoustic and vibratory communication of Orthoptera
  • e-mail: petr.kocarek@osu.cz
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ico-houbaico-list doc. RNDr. Jan Ševčík, Ph.D.

  • specialization: Phylogeny, taxonomy, ecology and zoogeography of mycophagous Diptera
  • e-mail: jan.sevcik@osu.cz
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ico-list Mgr. Jan Šipoš, Ph.D.

  • specialization: Trophic interactions betveen plants, herbivores and their predators; biostatistics
  • e-mail: jan.sipos@osu.cz
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ico-list Mgr. Martin Šigut Ph.D.

  • specialization: Vertical stratification and host specialization of parasitoids, DNA barcoding and metagenomics of herbivorous insect
  • e-mail: marton.sigut@gmail.com
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PhD students

ico-list Mgr. Nela Kotásková

  • specialization: Abundance and diversity of leaf-chewing insects along vertical gradient of temperate floodplain forest
  • e-mail: nela.kotaskova@gmail.com

ico-list Mgr. Oto Kaláb

  • specialization: Distribution, ecology and protection of Orthoptera; GIS in biology, maps, spatial analysis
  • e-mail: kalab.oto@gmail.com
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ico-list Mgr. Petr Pyszko

  • specialization: Host specificity of bryophagous insect
  • e-mail: pyszko.petr@gmail.com
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ico-list Mgr. Ondřej Dorňák

  • specialization: Ecology of temperate ants and predation risk
  • e-mail: OndraDor@gmail.com

ico-houba Mgr. Nikola Burdíková

  • specialization: Systematics and biology of Central European species of the family Bolitophilidae (Diptera)
  • e-mail: Burdikova@seznam.cz

ico-list Mgr. Hana Platková

  • specialization: Abundance and diversity of aphids along vertical gradient
  • e-mail: platkova.hana@gmail.com

ico-list Mgr. Denisa Višňovská

  • specialization: Diversity of fungal and bacterial endosymbionts
  • e-mail: denisa.visnovska@osu.cz

Master students

ico-list Bc. Denisa Bazsóova

  • specialization: Beta diversity of gall-forming insects of temperate forest ecosystem
  • e-mail: denisa.bazsoova@gmail.com

ico-list Bc. Magdaléna Hoňková

  • specialization: Functional diversity of endosymbionts recorded in alimentary tract of insect herbivores
  • e-mail: magdicka.honkova@seznam.cz

ico-list Bc. Michaela Drgová

  • specialization: Habitat and food preferences of bryophagous Lepidoptera (Pyraloidea)
  • e-mail: misadrgova@gmail.com

ico-list Bc. Miroslav Pazlar

  • zaměření: Factors affecting conservation strategy of selected insect taxa
  • e-mail: 1.dracoo@seznam.cz

ico-list Bc. Kristýna Pavlíková

  • specialization: Functional and species microbial diversity of phyllosphere of selected temperate woody plants
  • e-mail: pavlikova.kristyna@email.cz

Bachelor students

ico-list Kateřina Czajová

  • specialization:
  • e-mail: k.czajova@seznam.cz

ico-list Filip Matura

  • specialization: Usage of artificial diet for design of research of host specialization
  • e-mail: Filip.matura@email.cz


Mgr. Tereza Ševčíková, Ph.D.

  • Life Science Research Centre Ostrava
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