Basic Research:005

    • Vertical stratification of insect herbivores and their parasitoids in temperate forests
    • Why are there more species of insect herbivores and parasitoids in tropical than temperate forests? GACR 14-042583 (Co-applicant workplace); 2014–2016
    • Host specificity of Byrrhidae beetles
  • Diversity of gut microbiota of bryophagous insect and its comparison with other herbivorous insect
  • Key „life history traits“ of plants and their effect on biodiversity of aphids
  • Vertical stratification and predation pressure on insect herbivores
  • Molecular phylogeny and systematics of mycophagous insect from superfamily Sciaroidea (Diptera)
  • Communities of Diptera on edible and non-edible fungi
  • Communities of mycophagous Diptera in Silesian Beskids
  • Systematics and bionomy of cental european species of the family Bolitophilidae (Diptera).
  • Host specificity and molecular phylogeny of the family Cecidomyiidae (Diptera).


Applied Research:16

  • Identification of wood destroying and woodboring insect
  • Environmental quality assessment using model groups of insect bioindicators
  • Quantitative analysis of ecological data and ecological modeling (basic biostatistics, EDA, GLM, GLMM, GAM, ordination methods, classification)