Interest in collaboration

Collaboration with research teams and institutions

  • In case of potential interest in collaboration, please contact head of laboratory Pavel Drozd (

Opportunity for undergraduate students (bachelor or master thesis)

  • Students interested in our research topics can contact us via team members.

Opportunity for PhD students

  • In case of you are interested in PhD studies, pleasecontact Pavel Drozd ( and attach letter of interest, CV and short annotation of potential research topic.

Collaboration with elementary, secondary and grammar schools

  • Organization of field trips focused on biology and ecology.
  • Lectures in ecology, entomology, biodiversity, microbiology and similar topics.
  • Supervising of talented student projects, excursions to our microbiology and molecular biology lab.

Collaboration with public

  • Recently, we have no topics dealing with citizen science. We participate freely with some research teams (database of citizen science in the Czech Republic here)