Research topics

Interactions of herbivorous insects in trophic webs:

  • Diversity and host specificity of insect herbivores.
  • Role of microbial symbionts in host specificity of insect herbivores.
  • Tritrophic interactions predator–herbivore–plant. 
  • Trophic strategies and diversity of associated parasitoids.
  • Specifics of bryophagous insect trophic strategies.
  • Aphid biodiversity and plant life history traits.
  • Insect food webs along vertical gradient of temperate forests.

Evolution of mycophagous insects with respect on evolution of herbivory:

  • Host specificity of selected model taxa of gall midges (Cecidomyiidae). 
  • Coevolution of fungi and ambrosia gall midges (Cecidomyiidae).

Recent topics dealing with applied research:

  • Biodegradation potential of fungal symbionts of herbivorous insects and their host plants.
  • Cultivation, sequencing and molecular identification of fungal pathogens in plant tissues.
  • Identification of insect pests on woody plants.
  • Assessment of environmental changes and risks using model insect taxa.
  • Biostatistics, quantitative analysis of ecological data and ecological modelling.